York County FOP Lodge 73 Membership Application and Renewal

Immediately below is the link to an updated New Membership Application form.  You can fill it in on your computer’s screen, print it off, sign it and obtain the requisite signatures from your sponsors prior to submission.  You can also print the blank form and fill it in with a pen.  Read the instructions on the form.  You should only have to print the second page.  Please be sure to include a check or cash payment for new membership when submitting this form.

NEW FOP 73 Membership Application Link

Membership Renewal

The Dues Renewal Period for 2023 has expired.  This page will be updated when 2024 dues season starts.

When the Membership Dues Renewal period reopens, payment may be completed on-line. There will be a link below to access the on-line payment form. Detailed information that you might wish to read first is on this page just below the link.


If this is your first time using our new membership renewal system you will be presented with a “log in” form. Since you don’t know your log-in information, please enter your email address (preferably the email address we have for you) in the Email: block on the form and click on Recover Account. You will receive an email with further instructions. Please be sure to remember your Login Name and Password that you set up.

After you log in, your membership level should appear as the default on the screen. If that’s incorrect, select the correct membership level from the list and click Next. YOUR INFORMATION should fill in automatically. If it doesn’t, please complete the form and click Next. If YOUR INFORMATION is correct on the form, just click Next. If it’s incorrect, please type the correct information and click Next.

You’ll be taken to the SUMMARY form. Click Next, and you’ll be taken to the payment information page. Please provide the name information as it appears on the debit or credit card that you are using and click Join Now. You will see a confirming page and receive a confirmation email.

Since you will have established a login and password, we can provide you with access to new features that our new membership information system will have available shortly.

Questions about the on-line renewal may be directed via email to Membership Chairperson Brandy Goodling or Support Person Nate Kirschman.